Need bail bonds funds in West Palm Beach to get yourself or someone you know out of jail? Our bail bonds agent is only 5 miles from the Palm Beach County Main Detention Center located on Gun Club Road.

Our bail bondsman is one of the most trusted agents in the State of Florida. We have served the West Palm Beach area since 2010 helping people get out of jail. If you can’t afford to pay the cash bail amount, give us a call. We’ll need some information from you before we can start processing the bail bond. You’ll then come to our office in Lake Worth to finalize the paperwork and we’ll get the detained person is let out from jail.

Need a Fast Release Bail Bond?

We are known for quick release bail bonds in West Palm Beach. It typically only takes a few hours from the time you contact us until the detained person at the county jail is released.

Bails Bonds Near West Palm Beach

We answer our phone 24/7. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night you call us.

We are always available to get you or a loved one out of jail.

Call us now at 561-963-2002.

Palm Beach County Courthouse

Open & Active Warrant Help In Florida

You may not need an attorney to clear an open and active warrant in West Palm Beach.

If you missed a court hearing or have an outstanding warrant for another reason, we can help you clear the warrant without you getting taken into custody. Our agent will process the bail bonds needed to vacate open warrants which will allow you to stay out of jail.


West Palm Beach Bail Bond Resources

We offer some helpful bail bonds information and links to assist you in getting someone released from jail in West Palm Beach. From booking blotter arrest records, documents and our bail bonds blog.

Palm Beach Booking Blotter

Need to look up Palm Beach booking blotter or arrest records in Florida? Searching for this information before calling a bail bond agent will speed up the process. You’ll be able to provide some necessary information needed to find the correct arrest records.

You’ll find links to city, county and state arrest and criminal record search in our blog post – How Do I Look Up an Arrest Record or Inmate Information in Florida?

Gun Club Jail

There is no need for you to go to the jail on Gun Club Rd. until you have processed the bail bond, unless you can afford to pay the full cash amount for release. Your time is better spent getting the bail bond processed as fast as possible by making arrangements and going to a bail agent’s office instead.

How Does The Bail Bond Process Work

The bail process is the same in West Palm Beach as it is any county in the State of Florida.

To learn more about how the bail bond process works and the different types of bail available, check out our informative “The Bail Process in Florida” page.

Bail Bonds Resources

Bail Bond Forms
Bail Bonds Blog
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