Mistakes That Can Send You Back to Jail

Once your bail bondsman secures your release from jail, it’s important to stay out of trouble. You’re allowed to spend the time before your hearing at home. You’ll be able to continue working, spending time with family, and continue doing most of your normal activities. However, there are some mistakes that you should avoid making while you are out on bond or you may find yourself back in jail.

Bail Conditions When Released on Bond

When an arrestee is released from jail while awaiting their hearing, unfortunately, it may not be permanent. There are requirements and conditions associated with a bail bond that should not be violated. The court will revoke your bail if you fail to follow the conditions of release such as quitting your job, drug use or getting arrested for a new crime.

Reasons Why You Could End Up Back In Jail

As you may have figured out by now, if you ignore the conditions set by the judge, you will end up back in jail. This time, your bail may be revoked and you’ll have to stay in jail until your scheduled hearing. Here are some of the mistakes you should not make while on conditional release:

  • Test positive for drugs
  • Drinking alcohol/getting drunk
  • Quitting your job
  • Contacting victims or witnesses
  • Associating with specific people
  • Failing to inform courts about address or job change
  • Missing your court date
  • Showing up late to court
  • Traveling outside the city/state/country
  • Ignoring your bond co-signer
  • Possessing weapons of any kind

Follow the Law While Out on Bond

As much as you’d like to spend time with friends or grab a drink, it’s best to avoid any situation that could put your freedom at risk. Don’t let temptation lead you into non-compliance or worse, committing another crime. When you are bailed out of jail, it is your responsibility to understand what you can and cannot do so that you remain in compliance with the conditions of your release. The judge most likely will not accept any excuses about why you missed court or violated your terms of release.

Even if your bail doesn’t prohibit certain activities, it may be in your best interest to voluntarily avoid them. If you think you may violate your conditions, such as missing court due to a true emergency, call your bail bondsman prior to the hearing date. You may be granted a new hearing date if the judge feels you are being honest and responsible.