Do I Need a Lawyer For Outstanding Arrest Warrants in Palm Beach County?

Warrants are issued by the court system in Palm Beach County for a variety of reasons. An outstanding warrant can sneak up on you and your first thought will be “I need an attorney”. Sure, you could hire a lawyer to clear your warrant but it’ll be a costly and slow process. Instead, find an experienced bail bond agency that can clear your warrant quickly, in many cases within a few hours.

How to Check if You Have a Warrant

Not sure if there’s an active warrant out for your arrest? To find out, your local sheriff’s department can run a warrant search or you can do an anonymous search yourself on The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) website. Or you can simply contact your county courthouse and ask.

In South Florida, contact your home county’s Clerk of Courts:

If you’re looking for the easiest option, contact a local bail bondsman and ask them to conduct an active warrant search for you. Once confirmed you do have open warrants, they can then quickly move forward with the process of clearing them.

Types of Arrest Warrants

A warrant is really an order to appear in court. Unsure of the kind of warrant you have? Here are 3 common warrants:

  1. Failure To Appear
    Missed a scheduled court appearance. FTA or bench warrant is the most common arrest warrant and can often be resolved without being booked.
  2. Criminal Warrants
    Court-issued warrant allowing for arrest due to probation violation or other criminal charges.
  3. Probable Cause Arrest Warrant
    Issued by magistrate or judge based on information provided by law enforcement.

What Should I Do If I Have An Arrest Warrant?

At this point, you have confirmed that there is an open warrant for your arrest. Delaying the handling of an arrest warrant only increases the chances of an embarrassing arrest at your home or place of work. Since it’s virtually impossible to avoid getting arrested for a warrant in Florida, you should immediately contact an experienced bail bond agency to arrange your surrender and expedite booking, if necessary.

Clearing Warrants in Florida

A professional bail bond agent can guide you through the process of clearing your arrest warrant quicker and more affordably than a lawyer. With a bail bond backing you, you may be able to avoid the entire surrender and booking process. This is something your bail bonds person will be able to advise you on. No matter how the warrant is cleared, ultimately, you will still have to appear in court.

Arrest Warrants in Palm Beach County

Getting arrested due to a warrant is embarrassing and stressful, especially when it comes as a surprise. If you suspect that you may have an open warrant in Palm Beach County, Broward County or Miami-Dade County, it’s always better to confirm it with your county courthouse, local law enforcement agency or bail bond company. Skip the expensive attorney when it comes to clearing outstanding arrest warrants. An experienced and knowledgeable bail bondsman can clear a warrant almost immediately, at a more affordable cost than a lawyer.

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