Can I Be Bailed Out of Jail on the Fourth of July?

The law doesn’t take a holiday. While people are letting loose, law enforcement is on high alert, causing most holidays to end with more arrests than an average day. The Fourth of July is no exception. No one wants to plan to spend part of their celebration in a jail cell, but it’s important to know what you can do to get out if it does happen. Fortunately, a reliable 24/7 bail bond company will be there to help you no matter what time on the Fourth of July and every holiday.

Getting Out of Jail on Independence Day

The Fourth of July is known for an uptick in arrests. While many of these arrests involve alcohol, there are numerous other reasons individuals find themselves in jail on the day celebrating our nation’s Independence. No matter what the arrest is for, most people would prefer not to sit behind bars. The good news is that even if you or a loved one is arrested on July Fourth, there are bail bond agents in Palm Beach County that will be able to assist. There is no waiting until the next day; bail bond services are available on Independence Day and every day, any time, day or night.

Getting Bailed Out on a Holiday

Following an arrest, the goal is usually to get out as soon as possible. Once a judge sets bail, the quickest way is to call on the services of a bail bondsman. The process is the same as any other day. When you contact a bail bond company, they will be able to answer any questions and help with the steps needed to post bail. A reliable, 24/7 bail bond company also recognizes that arrests happen on holidays. That is why they are available to help on the Fourth of July and all other national or federal holidays.

24-Hour Bail Bonds Service on July Fourth

Getting arrested can put a damper on your Fourth of July plans. The good part is that you or your loved one doesn’t have to wait for the holiday to be over to experience freedom. At Frank Chavez Bail Bonds, someone is always available to help get you or your loved one out of jail, 24/7, 365 days a year. Because the law doesn’t take the holidays off, neither do bail bond agents.