Can a Defendant Leave Florida While Out Of Jail On Bond

Getting arrested can be a life-changing experience. The way you now have to live your life requires you to do things a little differently because you’re out on a bail bond; it doesn’t stop because of an arrest. While awaiting a hearing or trial, there will still be weddings, sports events, concerts, conferences, business meetings, and so much more! While many of these events may be local, there will always be the occasional need to leave the state. So, can a defendant leave Florida while out on bond?

Should I Travel While Out On Bond in Florida?

Traveling while out on bail isn’t easy. It requires permission from multiple entities and extra caution to avoid breaking the rules of your release, but it can be allowed. For the most part, travel complicates an already complicated situation, and you should avoid traveling while on bond. If you have particular circumstances that require travel outside of the state, there are specific steps you will need to take before packing your bags for a little getaway.

Is International Travel Allowed While Out On Bond?

International travel is rarely allowed while out on bond as it is too risky to the courts and the bail bondsman. If you have extenuating circumstances, you can request permission, but it is extremely rare overseas travel is granted while a defendant is released on bond. Besides the extra chances to flee under another country’s legal protection, international travel also opens up the opportunity for unintentional issues. Delayed or canceled flights, international conflicts, etc., can interfere with your ability to make it to a hearing or court, putting your freedom (and the money in your bank) in jeopardy. These are all risks that most judges and bail bondsmen are unwilling to take for you.

Requesting Permission To Travel Out Of Florida

If you must leave Florida while on bail, you’ll first need permission from a judge. Reach out to your lawyer to make these arrangements. Once you have a court order allowing travel, you are required to speak with your bail bondsman. Make sure your travel arrangements don’t interfere with your bail bond, and you have permission to go. Finally, ensure your trip doesn’t conflict with court dates or hearings. The law is not concerned with why you weren’t at a hearing or court date, just that you weren’t there. If you miss any, even with permission to travel, you will be responsible for additional court fees and may face the consequences of skipping bail.

Reasons Why Judges May Grant Permission To Leave Florida Temporarily

So often, travel permission is entirely circumstantial. A judge must look at your case and consider your flight risk before allowing you to leave Florida. They will then view and consider the exact details of your travel plans. A judge might grant you permission to leave Florida to visit a family member or close friend who is sick or dying, attend a funeral or wedding, or continue with travel plans you made before an arrest. Remember that even if your situation fits one of these reasons, every case is unique and doesn’t guarantee a judge will give you permission to leave Florida while out of jail on bail.

Conditions That Must Be Met For Defendants To Travel Out of State

If a judge and your bail bondsman grant permission to travel out of state, some conditions must be met. First, you will have to follow all requirements for your bail. These may vary depending on your charge. Most importantly, you must be present at all court hearing dates. A judge will not move a hearing because of your travel. Other conditions will depend on your specific case and situation. You may have to check in with the court or your bail bondsman frequently while away. Communication is the most crucial part of not breaking the terms of your bail bond and out-of-state travel release requirements.