If Bail is Set at $20,000 How Much Do I Pay?

In most states across the US, including Florida, the cost of bail bonds are usually 10%. This means that if someone you know is arrested and their bail is set at $20,000, then the fee you will pay to the bondsman is 10 percent or $2,000. Keep in mind, this is a fee paid to bail out your friend, family member or partner. It is non-refundable, you will not get any portion of that 10% back.

Understanding Florida’s Minimum Bond Amount

In the state of Florida, if your bail is set at $1,000 or less, your bond amount is automatically $100. For example, if your bail is set at $850, you are technically paying more than the 10% bond fee because the state mandated $100 minimum takes effect.

Determining Your Surety Bond Amount

If a defendant has been arrested on more than one crime (count), there will be more than one bail bond amount. Bail amounts are not added together. The 10% fee of each count/bail amount is calculated individually and then the fees are added together.

Here are two examples to help you understand how multiple charges affect your bond fee:

Defendant has 2 charges:

Ct. 1 $10,000 bail

Ct. 2 $5,000 bail

10% Bond Fee = $1,500

Defendant has 3 charges:

Ct. 1 $250 bail

Ct. 2 $1,000 bail

Ct. 3 $250 bail

$100 minimum per state statute = $300

My Florida Bondsman Charged More Than 10 Percent

According to state law, a bail bondsman is permitted to collect a 10% bond fee for his or her bail services. That fee is state mandated and preset at that exact percentage. It cannot be adjusted higher or lower by any bail bonds company. Any increase or decrease to that fee is illegal and should be reported to the state.

How Do I Know What My Bail Bond Amount Is?

Most counties have their own bail schedule for crimes. The more severe the crime, the higher the bail amount. Judges can also decide to raise or lower a set bail amount. You can sit in jail and wait for your first appearance in court. The judge then will tell you your charges and bail amount. Or you can immediately contact a bonds person as soon as you are allowed to make a phone call. Your bond company will then take over, find out how much your bail is and secure your release once they receive your 10% fee.

Here are some examples of Florida bail amounts and the fee you would owe to the bail company:

Crime Example* Bail Schedule Amount Bond Fee (10% or Minimum)
Criminal Traffic Violation $200.00 $100.00
Ordinance Violations $250.00 $100.00
Reckless Driving No Accident $500.00 $100.00
Prior DUI $2,500.00 $250.00
2nd Degree Felony $5,000.00 $500.00
1st Degree Felony $15,000 $1,500.00
Drug Trafficking, Min. 25 yrs $500,000 $50,000.00

*NOTE – These crimes and their bail amounts do not reflect any actual Florida court bail schedule. They are offered only for informational purposes.

Why Choose a Bail Bondsman to Get Out of Jail

If you have the full bail amount available, you are always welcome to pay it in full to the jail or court. However, most people do not typically have thousands or even hundreds on hand just for the purpose of bailing themselves or someone else out of jail. Using the services of a professional bail bond agent not only saves you money upfront but usually gets arrestees released much quicker than waiting out the process.

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